Wanted: a healthy dose of skepticism

While conducting research for one of my assignments, I came across this factoid on one of my many, many Google searches (how did we function as students before Google?): “The human eye processes images 60,000 times faster than text.” Intrigued I clicked into the main body of the article-one from a well established business blog….

Team 2-Week 4 Update

The previous week saw some more challenges come over way as we added the final touches to our draft. This week the stumbling blocks came in the form of technology. What is supposed to be our ally turned into our greatest foe. As discussed previously, we had selected Google Docs as our shared document area….

Entering the Twittersphere

One of the assignments for another module on the Technical Communication M.A. calls for us to create and maintain a Twitter account throughout the semester. I was resistant to this branch of social media for quite some time. I couldn’t quite get my head around it. The 140 character limit put me off it, to…

Team 2-Week 3 Update

Things are finally starting to move and ideas are finally starting to take shape in our little Virtual Assignment team. Having agreed on a topic (how to set up a WordPress blog), we have divided the roles amongst ourselves and each team member is working to complete his or her own assignment. Early on in…

New world, same old standards

Cyberbulling, cypersquatting, cybercrime. As technology evolves, our language and indeed policies concerning its rapid evolution struggle to keep up. Last week, in one of our lectures we tackled the fascinating realm of cyber-ethics. One case that comes to mind in relation to this new realm, is the one that is currently unfurling in UCD. A Facebook page…