Team 2-Week 3 Update

Things are finally starting to move and ideas are finally starting to take shape in our little Virtual Assignment team. Having agreed on a topic (how to set up a WordPress blog), we have divided the roles amongst ourselves and each team member is working to complete his or her own assignment.

Early on in the project, we veered away from using Sulis as a method of communication, and have instead settled on Facebook as the modus operandus for meeting up and exchanging thoughts. I have mixed feelings about this. Sulis is a ready made open source learning environment, which is used by students of UL, and so was a perfect method of communication that required little effort in using (in theory). On the other hand, some members of the team were having difficulty accessing it and others are not keen on it as a platform, so a closed Facebook group was set up.

We have all taken on certain roles within the team such as team leader, editor, writer and graphics consultant. Some of these roles are overlapping and as we all seem to be new to this area, no one is actively policing them as such. Again, I have mixed feelings about this. At times, it all feels a bit loose and unstructured but we are getting things done, which is the main thing I guess.

I suppose that in the real world, people would adhere to the specific requirements of their roles and more meetings would be set up. I definitely feel we should have set up virtual ‘meetings’ so we could have discussed issues at the same time and also put a timeframe in place. We have less than a week to go before our first draft must be submitted to our French team members for translation. I am not at all worried about failing to make the deadline, but without a formal plan in place, it feels as if there won’t be the smooth journey there could have been and we could be in for a bumpy ride to the finish line, though the virtual tunnel.



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