Team 2-Week 4 Update

The previous week saw some more challenges come over way as we added the final touches to our draft. This week the stumbling blocks came in the form of technology. What is supposed to be our ally turned into our greatest foe. As discussed previously, we had selected Google Docs as our shared document area. Everyone was happily working on their allocated content piece and updating in the mistaken belief that we were all revising the same document. What was actually happening was that each time a team member edited the document, he or she was creating a new form of it.

As you can imagine, this led to chaos when our editor set about doing the final,vital revisions needed before we shipped off our virtual document to our French counterparts for translating. Technology is great, until it suddenly doesn’t work for you! We tried in vain to correct this error but it continued to happen. No one could come up with an answer. So we went “old school” and substituted  Microsoft Word for the Google Docs part of the equation. Order was restored and now we have a draft we are all (reasonably) happy with!

The whole incident has made me resolve to investigate software programmes in more detail. I have been cruising along, having a basic understanding of the tools I’ve been using but I really need to learn more about them. It could have saved us all a lot of headaches and heartache this past week!




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