Parlez vous XML?

I’ve always loved languages. Unfortunately they have rarely reciprocated the love. I speak four languages all to varying degrees of success. Some days I feel as if I don’t even speak my native tongue English well!!I blame ‘mummy brain’ but am not sure I still can over two years after my youngest was born!!

I’ve spent much of the last two weeks grappling with two new languages-XML, which stands for Extensible Mark Up Language and CSS, which is short for Cascading Style Sheets.  This introduction to the fabulous world of coding has seen me tearing my hair out. Coding has long since fascinated and terrified me in equal measures.  Here’s what I’ve discovered so far:

  1. XML dictates the content of the screen.
  2. CSS tells the computer how to format the screen.
  3. XML is the what, CSS is the how.
  4. XML is pretty easy to use.
  5. CSS is a whole different story!

I am slowly coming to grips with CSS. I’m not ashamed to admit that at the beginning,it flummoxed me completely. XML has easily definable rules, tags and elements. CSS not so much! I am getting there, however, and I have enjoyed bringing the coding to life. What began as a few lines without any colour, tone, (personality one could argue) has become an actual webpage, without the domain hosting of course. It’s been exciting, but like any new language it has brought a whole host of misunderstandings! They say you can’t learn a new language without practice and I feel like CSS is one language that will take me many, many years of practice to get right!



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