Team 2-Week 5 Update

This week finally saw us hand over our finished draft to our French team members. They will now spend the next few weeks translating before both drafts come together to form a final submission on March 22nd. It’s been another frustrating week as our technical woes continue. Last week I spoke about how we had struggled with Google Docs and this week, things continued in a similar vein. Multiple updates of the same document were created and confusion reigned supreme.

Thankfully, we have sorted the wheat from the chaff and have a draft we are mainly happy with. We have heard nothing from our French counterparts since submitting the draft. For the moment, I am taking this as a good sign, figuring if they had a lot of questions, they would be in contact. So far, nothing. I just hope that our mail boxes and Facebook page won’t be full of rushed questions right before the deadline submission.

Having had a few guest speakers on campus talking about the reality of a Technical Communicator or Instructional Designer, I fear this is just what will happen. Indeed, speaking with a friend who is a former Technical Writer, she confirmed to me how handy it is to have some working knowledge of XML and CSS. That way, she explained, one has the ability to correct the faulty code rather than having to go all the way back to the developer. It cuts down on the back and forth nature of the job. I hope to have less back and forth comings and goings with the French members of our virtual team, but for we play the waiting game with the end line firmly on the horizon.


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