Lost in Translation


We have finally heard from our French counterparts in regards to the Virtual Collaboration Assignment and we have encountered our first stumbling block in the Translation Phase of the project. Apparently the steps for setting up a WordPress blog in English do not follow the same steps in French. What’s worse (from my point of view) is that the problem lies in the section I wrote. It’s silly but I feel bad about this. Obviously mistakes and misunderstandings will happen but I feel as if I should have known that this language discrepancy may be an issue.

I’ve taken heart from the fact that I proposed a solution to the problem faced by our French team mates. Some of the steps we have outlined in the English document simply do not exist in the French version of WordPress so I suggested I would rewrite the steps to address this. The way I would do this would be by stating that if one is setting up a blog using WordPress in English, that they follow all steps. If they are setting up in French, they should follow steps 1 and 2 and then skip to step 5. So far, one Irish and one French team member have indicated that they are happy with my suggestion. The Americans are on Spring break so I do not believe we will hear from them on this matter before next Monday.

Mercifully, it is a quick fix to the problem, and if our other team members are in agreement, I will rewrite my part of the document so the final version has a coherent look and feel in both languages. One thing I obviously need to develop in my quest to be a professional Technical Communicator, along with better coding and grammar skills, is a thicker skin!


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