The heat is on

We’re nearing the end of Week 7 in our final semester and I’m feeling the burn. The assignments are starting to fly in thick and fast and I’m struggling to keep up. I felt great when I submitted our first two big assignments of the year-the Proposal and Storyboard of our Digital Learning Resource and the dreaded XML project. Now, however, I feel like I’m struggling to keep my head above water.

I’ve been here before of course. There was a time well before Week 7 during my first semester that I seriously considered throwing in the towel and leaving the course. Being a part time freelance writer and a full time mother means I already had a number of balls in the air before committing to this course. It’s inevitable that one of those balls has already fallen away and it has been some time since I brought income into the household, much to my partner’s dismay.

I did well in my assignments last semester and I’m hoping to continue in the same vein this time around. Stress relief is one of the main reasons why I’m completing this Masters on campus. With two small children, and living over a hundred kilometres away from the university, the online option had been very appealing. What the latter fails to offer, however, is a friendly face to engage with when the going gets tough. It’s been an utter lifeline for me throughout this course, to chat with my classmates and know that we’re all in the same boat.

We touched upon the challenges and benefits of online versus in person training in our E-Learning modules. I for one heavily favour Team On-Campus! I have no doubt that had I decided to do this course solely online, I would have dropped out by now. E-Learning is an exciting new world, but for me you just can’t beat the traditional learning approach. Fingers crossed all the stress will have been worth it come graduation next January!


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