The end is nigh

I can hardly believe this as the words fill the blank screen in front of me, but it’s true. We have a mere four weeks of lectures left on the M.A. in Technical Communication and E-Learning. I’ve loved working on this course. Yes it’s been intense (and it’s about to get a whole lot more so as we race to complete our remaining assignments before their deadlines!) but it’s been interesting, challenging and above all enjoyable. In short, I’m feeling a lot more positive than I was last week. A very good grade in an assignment I wasn’t sure about has helped boost my mood enormously!

When I first discovered it would a continuous assessment throughout the year, with no exams to take, I was unsure of how I would manage this course. Exams may be daunting to some, but they’re an area where I tend to do very well in. The thoughts of a myriad of assessments had me second guessing my ability to get through this masters. I have learned to relish the pressure, however, and even though outwardly I grumble at just how much we have to do, I must confess to being secretly delighted. It’s been a fantastic opportunity to go back to education and I’ve learned so much not just about software, writing skills and instructional design;I’ve also learned how to cope with stressful deadlines and have greatly improved my time management skills. Once this course ends, I feel very confident I’ll do well in whatever job I’m lucky enough to secure. I’m very grateful to my partner and family for allowing me to leave the workforce for a year while I work towards achieving my life goal of obtaining a Masters and I can’t wait to see what life as a graduate in the field of Technical Communication brings!


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