Virtual Waves


We are nearly at the end of our virtual team assignment with the deadline looming large on the horizon. Our French counterparts have been in touch with queries and feedback-although not very much it has to be said and at this stage, I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing! We have made the necessary adjustments and are preparing the final document for submission. Again, communication is a bit sparse and our overall trajectory feels rather off course.

The decision of a team member not to use the preferred method of communication the other members had voted on has meant that any communication has been fractured. It has been a frustrating process and if I was to point out where I think we went wrong in the assignment, it was in allowing this to happen. I see from talking to other classmates that they had set up a weekly meeting for updates and this is something else we could have done to ensure smooth communication. As it stands, we have been communicating via Facebook updates, which can only be said to be of a perfunctory nature. Perhaps, I’m not being entirely fair but I feel we have let ourselves down as a team by not addressing the break down in communication head on. All members have been active in contributing to the project, yet the sense of confusion prevails and even now, with mere days to go before the deadline, we have yet to see a first cohesive draft.

I am hopeful that we will complete the project on time and to a satisfactory standard but it has definitely not been plain sailing. On the bright side, the whole process has been a learning curve and has provided me with invaluable experience of the possible challenges of virtual team work.


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