Au revoir VA!

I was never so happy to submit an assignment as I was last week when our Virtual Team assignment was submitted. This has been a confusing endeavour from start to finish, and true to form, there was mass confusion on deadline day as students scrambled to ascertain where exactly on Sulis  it should be submitted and whether or not both language versions were required. Adding to the confusion, was the fact that all three universities had different submission times and dates.

Now, I understand why the Americans would have had a later submission date owing to the time difference, however, even taking that into consideration there was a twelve hour difference in our submission times.  Surely a five hour difference would have sufficed for them. The French had a further forty eight hours on top of that. I cannot understand why all three groups had such different deadlines. A uniform deadline would have streamlined all our efforts and would have helped to  bring the project to a natural conclusion. As it was, the French part of the assignment was submitted with the input of only one student, the other one having gone AWOL. Perhaps, we should have agreed on a submission time amongst ourselves earlier in the project and stuck with it .

In the end it was I who submitted the project,having spent many hours on deadline day transcribing all our Facebook and email communication into documents so our lecturer could follow our progress throughout. It was an error on my part that I had not read the assignment brief thoroughly and recognised the need for this to be done. I am not the only one at fault here, however, as neither of my Irish team mates raised this issue at any stage throughout the project. More lessons learned!

In conclusion, I feel that while the project was not an overall enjoyable experience, I have learned many lessons, key amongst them is that communication is vital at all times and that once a method of communication has been established, it should not be deviated from.  Project management and planning are also crucial components that should never be overlooked at any stage of the process. Also, a weekly virtual meeting could have helped to smooth out the communication glitches we continued to have throughout the assignment. One thing is for sure-it was a very good introduction to what we could expect to find in the real world, and for that reason alone I am thankful to have gone through it all.


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