Software Struggles

Before starting this Masters, I must admit to having been apprehensive about the second semester with its daunting array of programmes to get to grips with. We have outstanding assignments to complete in Flash (recently re-launched as Animate) Dreamweaver, Captivate and MadCap Flare-all industry standard software programmes. I have struggled with the assignments thus far-with Flash and Dreamweaver proving to be particularly problematic.

The challenge for me is to get that design out of my head and into something resembling it on screen. This has not been easy. I found the XML assignment particularly challenging and at times was nearly tearing my hair out, such was my level of frustration with the programming language. While I understood how XML worked, CSS was another story altogether and it baffled me. I persevered, however, and bit by bit, my words and images begun to transfer on screen in a coherent and legible way.

On receiving my grade for that assignment, I was surprised to discover that my best marks were for the actual XML and CSS section. I had made simple errors in the content and design sections which brought down my overall score. It looks like I was simply too engrossed with the mechanics of the assignment to concentrate on its overall makeup. I fear this will happen with my other assignments. Already I have begun to pare back my plans for the Online Educational Resource. Our lecturer has stated that she will not penalise us for deviating from our Proposal and Storyboard for the resource, which we submitted previously, which is a relief but I feel I need to tread cautiously. It would seem as if I need to strike a balance between content, design and software if I am going to excel in the last few assignments of this Masters.


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