Getting ready to fly the nest

It’s Week 10,which means we only have one week of lectures left. And nine assignments!We’re up to our eyes but I can understand why it’s all project work during this course. It’s tough going but I feel it will really prepare us for life in the real world as a bona fida technical communicator when we have projects and deadlines looming throughout the year.

I’m trying not to think think too much about life after college. For the past seven months,I’ve been living in a lovely UL bubble. In many ways,the real hard work will start this September after I have handed in my thesis. It’s been eight years since my last interview and I am very nervous of what lies ahead. I know from an interview assignment with an information developer in IBM,that the interview process for both there and SAP is tough going. Realistically, these two companies represent my best option to finding employment. There are some writing exams,phone interviews and face to face ones to get through in both. It makes college and all its many assignments seem easy in comparison!!

One aspect of this course which I think is wonderful is the amount of work we are investing in making sure the our professional online appearance is as good as it can be. The importance of having a quality LinkedIn profile is always stressed, as is making connections. We will be working on our CV and creating an e-portfolio which will highlight some of our work from the masters as part of our last assignment for module EL6052. It’s a very practical assignment and one that I think will really help us to secure employment as it will showcase our skills and talents in a very accessible way. Here’s to life after college!


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  1. Totally agree with you, Aedín, the e-portfolio assignment is so practical. Its a necessity for grads of a MA such as ours to be able to showcase our skills and experience in this way.


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