This is the end, my friend


Well, here it is-my final blog post for this assignment. As in my previous post, it’s about looking to the future but also about looking back on how far I’ve come. One of our lecturers recently spoke about how if we had seen the kinds of assignments necessary to complete this course early on in the Masters, we probably would have dropped out!! I completely agree. If you had told me this time last year that after eight months study I would be able to code, create webpages and e-learning sites from scratch, write top class reports on a variety of subjects, feel at ease with creating a podcast and feel comfortable with collaborating on an international online project, I would never have believed it! I have to admit the list is pretty impressive and I’m proud of all I have achieved so far.

I’m continuing to receive good marks in my assignments and fingers crossed, this remains the case. I am also starting to get a handle on Dreamweaver and Flash and am actually enjoying playing around with the two programmes to create my digital learning resource. Once my assignments have been handed in, it will be Destination Dissertation. I have struggled to come up with a sustainable idea from my musings on emoji and how they are changing the way we communicate. I have some notions of working with deaf and hearing users again, as I did in one of last semester’s assignments. As the sister of a deaf man, I am fascinated with how we can improve methods of communication between hearing and profoundly deaf people. Not all deaf people can lip read or talk. Conversely, not all hearing people can sign! Technology has helped enormously to breakdown communication barriers between the two groups. For example, my family and I can stay in touch with my brother though text message. We can even video call him through Skype! But he still struggles with everyday interactions we take for granted such as ordering meals at a restaurant or drinks in a bar.

I am interested to know if emoji could help develop a better form of communication between hearing and deaf people but putting my thoughts down on paper has been extremely challenging. Perhaps my problem is I have a full four months to complete my dissertation. Come back to me in August when I will have mere weeks to go before the deadline and see if that has caused my synapses to fire up sufficiently!

If I can make it through nine months of an intensive Masters, I can surely manage to produce one dissertation, right? Here’s hoping! Onwards and upwards as they say. In the meantime, I’m going to savour my last few weeks of traditional college life, including spending time with my classmates. The 2015 class of Technical Communication are a lovely bunch and I’m definitely going to miss them. Throughout the year, I’ve received loads of support and encouragement from my fellow students and it’s been fantastic. I’m hoping we’ll stay in touch online and of course we’ll have our big day out in January to celebrate when we’ll officially get to add a few more letters after our names. I’m looking forward to it already!


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